Born to Filipino parents in New Zealand, I was raised as a kiwi in humble suburbs in Hamilton via Wellington. Growing an early affinity to cartoons and comic books, I have been drawing for as long as I can remember, tracing and copying VHS cases of Space Jam and Rugrats until I could draw them all from memory. Since then, I have developed illustration skills specializing in digital painting/drawing.

With three older siblings and friends of the family around, hand me downs of clothes, toys and comic books were regular. Admiring comic book heroes and their intricate art was a staple benchmark I still strive toward. During my early education I was fortunate to be apart of the anime boom of Pokemon and later Dragon Ball in western media. These in addition to my previous fandoms of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and X-men, gave me a wide scope in which I was able to develop my own artistic style, an amalgamation of comic book realism with eastern appeal.

I continued to take liking to art of many different mediums [film, comics, video games], but all had the commonality of storytelling. 

My aim as an artist is to communicate important yet innovative ideas in a fun and entertaining way. Comics, cartoons and games have presented me with different ways to interpret life and its struggles and joys, getting me through some of my most difficult times, and I wish to impact audiences in the same positive manner with my art.

I developed knowledge for digital media, studying Digital Animation and Video at Yoobee receiving a Diploma, and later a Degree in Animation from Animation College. During my studying tenure I participated in charity events like Special Children's Christmas [Annually at ASB Showgrounds] where I would draw free portraits of children and their loved ones.

I have recently been freelancing, animating music videos for local New Zealand artists, infographics/motion graphics for various businesses, as well as

a short animation for a ZM radio series.